The Deep Deep Puddle
101 Doodle Definitions
Please Pass the Doodles
Doodles at Breakfast
Doodle at Every Meal
Chicken Doodle Soup Placemats
Super Hero Food Doodles
The Doodles Diet
More Pocket Poems
Wishes for You
How to Win Friends and Influence Creatures
My Furry Valentine
Doodles for Dinner
Doodles at Lunch
All I Want for Christmas
Don't Bargain With The Tooth Fairy!
Slower Than A Slug
Doodles To Go
Doodle A Zoodle
The Night Before First Grade
Don't Feed the Babysitter to Your Boa Constrictor
That's What Grandpas Are For
The Accidental Spaceship
The Secret Chicken Club
Families Have Together
2 is for Toucan
35 Uses for a Daughter
This Is Thanksgiving
D is for Doodle
Wise Acres
Green Boots, Blue Hair, Polka-Dot Underwear
How To Survive Being A Presbyterian!
Under My Sombrero
Encouraging Potential In Young Children
Number Jugglers: Math Game Book
Rainy Days & Saturdays
Winter Bird Count
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