Ana Martin Larranaga was born in Spain. She graduated from University of Salamanca with a bachelor of Fine Arts for Graphic Design (without touching a computer!). After attending a Summer School with the Spanish illustrator Asun Balzola she moved to Scotland with the intention to work for Burger King. They wouldn’t give her a job because her English was so bad. She stayed in the UK for seven years and her English got much better, but by then, she preferred to illustrate than to wear the terrible uniform they give you in Burger King. She lived for a while in NY and then moved to Germany where she lives with her little family. She doesn’t have a dog or a goat but she is always thinking of getting one of each (maybe because her eldest son asks for them constantly).

Books Published

Client list:

Candlewick Press
Ediciones SM
Hodder Children Books
Innovative Kids
Little Simon
Treehouse Children´s Books
Walker Books