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Kelly Milner Halls studied journalism at Brigham Young University with an eye toward
writing for adults. But her heart gradually drew her to the realm of nonfiction for
kids. For two decades, she has crafted quality work for young readers of all ages, first
in children’s magazines and newspaper sections including Highlights for Children,
Babybug, U.S. Kids, Children’s Digest, Ask, Dig, Fox Kids, Curiocity for Kids, Guidepost
for Kids, Guidepost for Teens, Teen PEOPLE, the Chicago Tribune, the Atlanta
Journal Constitution, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and many other publications.

With more than a 1,000 published articles and book reviews behind her, Milner Halls turned to writing well researched, sometimes quirky nonfiction children’s books, many critically acclaimed. Reluctant readers and their peers have embraced her backlist and look forward to exploring whatever she offers them next. Her frequent school visits keep that connection current, personal and real.

“This is where I belong,” the author says. “I get paid for being weird, and I’ve never felt more authentic – or more completely at home. I love what I do, and I hope that passion is abundantly clear.”

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Alien Investigation
Millbrook, 2012

In Search of Sasquatch
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2011

Saving the Baghdad Zoo
HarperCollins/Greenwillow, 2010

Dinosaur Parade
Lark/Sterling, 2008

Wild Horses
Darby Creek Publishing, 2008

Mysteries of the Mummy Kids
Darby Creek Publishing, 2007

Random House Dinosaur Travel Guide
Random House, 2006

Tales of the Cryptids
Darby Creek Publishing, 2006

Wild Dogs
Darby Creek Publishing, 2005

Albino Animals
Darby Creek Publishing, 2004

Dinosaur Mummies
Darby Creek Publishing, 2003

365 Projects for Pennies
PIL, 2003

365 After School Activities
Backpack Books/PIL, 2003

Look What You Can Make From Foam Trays
Boyds Mills Press, 2002

Look What You Can Make From Craft Sticks
Boyds Mills Press, 2002

I Bought a Baby Chicken
Boyds Mills Press, 2001

365 Outdoor Activities
PIL, 2000

Kids Go! Denver
Avalon, 1996

Dino Trekking
Wiley, 1996


Copyright © 2010 Kelly Milner Halls. All rights reserved including the right of
reproduction in whole or in part in any form.